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Need an appraisal?

Property valuation is an essential part of lending, refinancing, tax appeals, legal motions, and other core real estate functions. To ensure credible, unbiased results, picking the right appraiser is key. With dual designations from the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (CREA/CCRA) and as an associate member of the American Bar Association, Scott York’s appraisal expertise is undeniable. A PA Certified General Appraiser, Scott has been hired as an expert court witness in commercial/industrial, mixed-use, residential, vacant land, farm, divorce, and insurance property dispute cases, among others.

Not all appraisers are the same.

While most licensed appraisers in the state of Pennsylvania are only licensed to appraise residential property, Scott is qualified and licensed to appraise all types of real estate and has done so professionally since 1986.


If you would like to request a quote for services or schedule a consultation with Scott, please click below to inquire as to how we can provide you the quality service you deserve.

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